Johnny Hester

Johnny Hester

Johnny Hester is a native of Walker County Alabama and is from a preaching family.  His father, S. F. Hester, was a gospel preacher and author of the book Words of Wisdom.  Clora Lee (Price), his mother, taught elementary school for a short time before becoming “Mrs. Hester” and the fulltime teacher of Michael Rae (Dot), Guy Ferrell, Benny Wayne, Giles Wade and Johnny Price.  All the boys followed in their father’s footsteps and became gospel preachers.  He attended the Gus Nichols School of Preaching along with his father and brothers.  In 1967 he married Linda White, his high school sweetheart.  They have three grown children: Angela Deeter, John, and Heather.

Johnny received his foundational training studying with his father.  He received his formal academic education at Freed-Hardeman University, Southeastern Biblical Institute, and Southern Christian University. He holds an M.A.R. with specialization in Pastoral Counseling.  He has held certification by the American Association of Christian Counselors since 1995.  He is a member of The American Christian Leadership Council and was listed in the 1989 Edition of Who’s Who in American Christian Leadership.

In 1970 Johnny began preaching fulltime for the Oakwood congregation in Clarksville, Tennessee.  Since that time he has served churches in Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas and Mississippi.  In 1982 he and his family moved to southeast Missouri to serve the church in Kennett.  Johnny has served as preaching minister for the Shady Acres congregation since 1993.

Patrick Hogan

Patrick Hogan

Patrick Hogan began working with the Shady Acres congregation in December, 1985.

Patrick grew up in West Memphis, Arkansas.  He began preaching while a student at Freed-Hardeman University. He has worked with congregations in Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois. He graduated from Freed-Hardeman University, Harding University, and Harding Graduate School of Religion.

He and his wife Teresa have two children: Emily and Ryan who live in Nashville, Tennessee.

Pete Nuthak

Pete Nuthak

Pete Nuthak hails from International Falls, MN.  He enjoys telling people that “I was born on the living room floor in February, on the Canadian border”!

Pete began preaching in 1973 while attending the International School of Evangelism in Pontiac, Michigan.  From the beginning Pete knew he wanted to do the work of an evangelist, starting new congregations in his home state of Minnesota in populated areas with no local congregation within 70 or more miles.  He began his work in Saint Cloud, MN, pop. about 50,000 in 1975.  He left Saint Cloud 9 years later when that congregation had built a new building and also became self-supporting.  He spent the next 22 years in Duluth, MN, population about 88,000, where he began his second new work.  Duluth became a team ministry when he was joined by Danny Jaekel in 1986.  During this time he also traveled to his hometown of International Falls, population about 6,000 to begin the congregation there.  In 2007 he moved to Lancaster County Pennsylvania, leaving the Duluth congregation in capable hands.  Pete began the work in Ephrata, PA in Lancaster County and spent the next 3 1/2 years there before moving to Sikeston in November of 2010 to begin his position of Outreach Minister here.

While working with the East Duluth congregation, Pete had the opportunity to travel and work with foreign missions in Petrozavodsk, Russia, Durres, Albania and throughout Ghana West Africa.

Pete has been married to Phyllis (Buresh) Nuthak for 42 years, following a whirlwind 4 month courtship.  They have 4 grown sons:  Christian is in Memphis, TN, Wade and Seth in Duluth, MN and Darron in Lancaster, PA.  They have 6 grandchildren:  Caleb, Jonah, Andrew, Tali, Nate and Ian.

Pete and Phyllis are thrilled to be in Sikeston as Pete begins his work here.


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