The Shady Acres church of Christ is a positive, loving and united family of Christians dedicated to bringing glory to God by serving Christ, one another and our neighbors. We are focused on the “Great Commission” of Jesus–getting the saving gospel to lost humanity, both locally and throughout the world. We are determined to do all we can, within the bounds of God’s will, to edify those who have been redeemed by the Savior’s blood.
Our periods of worship are simple, according to the pattern set forth in the New Testament. We have not followed the trend toward “entertainment worship” but simply desire to worship “in spirit and in truth”

An Accidental Blessing

The word “serendipity” is defined as “an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.” I am not sure that I have an aptitude for serendipitous discoveries but it seems that from time to time that I do make accidental discoveries that are quite beneficial. [Somewhere I have a clipping that states, “Neat people never make the exciting kinds of discoveries that I do.” Now, if I could just find it so I could frame it!]

In the process of looking for something in my office, I accidentally discovered two cassette tapes of sermons. One was recorded in 1976 while the other is relatively new, having been recorded in 1978. [yes, I still have a cassette player and the tapes still play!] Frankly, I had forgotten about both lectures so it was enjoyable to listen to them again.

One important fact about the speakers whose words were recorded decades ago is that both men passed away over fifteen years ago. As I listened I was reminded of my relationship with both men and the inspiration they provided. I was also reminded of the statement about Abel, son of Adam, recorded in Hebrews 11:4, “he being dead yet speaks.” The messages these men so faithfully taught still speak because of a somewhat out-dated technology.

Even though our words and deeds may not be recorded in the same way, what we do will live on in the lives of those we influence. Let’s work diligently to insure that the influence we leave behind is for good.

–Patrick Hogan